– Very Early Detection of fires.
– Maximum Protection Against false alarms.
– High-Power LED Technology.
– Reliable detection in Difficult Environments.
– Extremely Low Noise Levels.
– Very Smart Sensitivity Analysis (Auto Learning Technology).
– Approvals: UL, FM, VdS, DIBt, ActivFire, CCCF
– Made in Germany.


– Provides optimal response behavior with rate-of-rise and Fixed temperature.
– Fully monitored, with free maintenance sensing tube.
– Resistant to external mechanical and chemical influences (IP66)
– Available as HDx (heavy-duty, explosion-proof) versions.
– Copper, stainless steel or Teflon sensing tubes are Available.
– Monitoring area up to 800m2.
– –40 – +330°C Operating Temperature for Sensing tubes.
– FM/UL, VdS and EN 54-22 approval.
– Made in Germany.

– Line Type heat detector with addressable sensors.
– Freely resettable, adjustable detection properties.
– Wide temperature ranges from -55 °C up to +200 °C.
– Zero False-alarm-& maintenance free.
– VdS Comply with EN 545- / EN 5422-, Class A1.
– Monitors sections of up to 3,200 meters.
– Up to 350 sensors/cable.
– Made in Germany.