Properly designed, installed and maintained fire sprinkler systems are successful at reducing fire casualties and property damage.

Masar Provides a wide variety of fire sprinkler systems, which depends on each customer needs and applications, we are committed to provide you with the quality service you can trust according to the latest international standards.

  • Comply with NFPA 20
  • UL & FM Approved
  • End suction Up to 1000 GPM
  • Horizontal Split case Up to 3000 GPM
  • Driven by clark Diesel Engine/US Electric Motor UL/FM
  • UL/FM Controllers
  • Field Fabricating & installation services are available

  • Suitable for special hazards as Aircraft hangers, Fuel storage tanks, Generator rooms, Oil & Gas
  • High, Medium and low Expansion systems
  • Oscillating Monitors
  • Bladder Tanks & proportioning systems
  • Deluge Systems


Masar believes that since every application is unique and no one agent works best in every application, we are in the best position to offer the system that works best for you. Agent cost, recharge pricing, health and environmental concerns, storage space limitations, and serviceability are all big factors.

Let us be your expert and show you the best each system has to offer and what would work the best for you.

FM-200 Fire suppression system:

  • The Most Used Clean Agent.
  • Operating pressures 50,42 &25 bar.
  • Suitable for occupied areas.
  • Discharge time: 10 seconds.
  • Suitable for Class A, B and C.
  • No residue to clean up after discharge.
  • Approved by UL, FM and Vds.
  • Wide Range of Modular and bank Cylinders.

It is the most cost-effective solution for covering large rooms where there is no staff present. It can be discharged numerous times and highly recommended when there are several fires sources that can spread the fire.

  • Applicable for Deep Seated Fires.
  • Low Refilling Cost.
  • No residue To Clean Up After Discharge.
  • Electrically Non-Conductive.
  • The modular, multi-zone system can easily be adapted for nearly any renovation or expansion measures.

Inert clean agent systems are made up of gases found in the atmosphere and are therefore completely environ mentally friendly. They work by completely flooding the room, reducing the oxygen content necessary for combustion, but at the same time ensuring adequate oxygen concentrations for use in occupied area.

  • Zero ozone depletion potential
  • Allows for longer pipe runs
  • Suitable for occupied areas
  • Excellent post-discharge visibility
  • Very low refill cost
  • Easy to obtain anywhere in the world
  • Cost savings using selector valves
  • System is approved by UL/FM/VDS

The risk of fire in industrial kitchen hoods or other activities is well-known, since there is a direct contact with the fire which they produce.

The kitchen suppression system completely covering all possible fire points: extractors, ducts, filters and different cooking appliances (fryers, grills, stoves, etc.).

The system consists of three main parts: Elements for mechanical detection, discharge nozzles, and extinguishing agent. The extinguishing agent is composed of low-PH potassium acetate that covers the heated or flammable surface with a soapy gel that cools down the greases.

MASAR provides professional installation of all fire equipment’s for your kitchen.